The Uganda Cricket Association (UCA) has today expressed support towards the Gabula Royal Foundation’s Cricket is Life Project with a supply of an assortment of training material.

Handing over the material to the Foundation, UCA Chief Executive Director, Martin Ondeko, praised what he called an innovative initiative by the Gabula Royal Foundation (GRF) and promised that the Association will offer the needed help to ensure that the project is a success in the region.

The assorted items from the Association included training tracksuits for the trainers, and field jackets and tee shirts enough for around 150 participants. They also gave bats for both adults and for mini cricket.

“For us, this is a very good way of promoting the game. The game is spreading with the cause of ending teenage pregnancies.

We shall without a doubt support the foundation and the initiative going forward,” said CEO Ondeko, adding that he will visit Busoga to attend some of the activities.

To address the spreading problem of teenage pregnancies in Busoga, the Gabula Royal Foundation launched Cricket is Life a month ago. The project is currently running in Butembe County and will spread across the 11 chiefdoms. It targets girls and boys aged between seven and 17.

The program runs with a mix of cricket playing and information sharing and mentorship of the boys and girls about the dangers of teenage pregnancies and how they can keep healthy and safe.

Receiving the equipment at the Lugogo UCA office, GRF’s Executive Director said the help will go along way in motivating the young girls and boys and keep them more focused.

“We started this project to keep the girls and boys away from idleness, redundancies, temptations and ignorance.

So far, the reception has been positively overwhelming.

“The project will not only keep the girls and boys away from dangers and early underage parenthood but it will expose them to opportunities that come with being talented: Schools bursaries and possible future employment in the sport. That is why we call it Cricket is Life,” Isaac Imaka said.

He added, “Although the items we have got from UCA is going to make a huge difference in the areas we are operating in Butembe, we need more of such help for the 11 chiefdoms. I have no doubt that well-wishers will continue coming up to embrace and support the project.

The Busoga region has been a pivotal part in the development of cricket in Uganda, the region has produced some of the best cricketers that have represented both the lady cricket cranes and cricket cranes. Busoga College Mwiri and Jinja SSS are two of the biggest cricket schools and have won various school league titles between themselves. The other cricket schools in the Busoga region include Lord's Meade, St James, Victoria High School Iganga, Busoga High School, Kiira College Butiiki, and lots of other primary schools. 

The cricket oval at Jinja SSS is being to become an international cricket playing surface and should be ready this year.