The Cricket Without Boundaries contigent of 9 members led by Sarajane Merchant and Clare Sanderson is already in Uganda for their Spring Tour. The CWB contigent will spend a total of 13 days in the western Uganda districts of Kabale, Kasese and Fortportal. 

The team started their spring tour in Kabale where they will spend 3 days (18th-22nd) before they move to Kasese for another 3 days (23rd-26th) and wind up the tour in Fortportal for 4 days (27th-30th).

The CWB project started in Uganda 10 years ago is a not for profit sports organisation that combines sports and health messages for young children. Their emphasis has been on communicating HIV awareness information among the young children through sports. The program is run in partnership with Uganda Cricket Association and has been a great tool for taking the game to upcountry places plus developing new talent.

Resident CWB Ambassador Emmanuel Isaneez says the cold in Kabale "The Switzerland of Uganda" has not stopped the youngsters from showing up in numbers and the team has already had fruitful sessions. 

There will be some downtime for the team who will get a chance of visiting the beautiful Queen Elizabeth National Park on their way from Kabale to Fortportal to catch a glimpse of the real pearl of Africa.