By Faith Munezero

Tornado Bee V Kutchi Tigers  

Entebbe Oval


The Kutchi Tigers and Tornado Bees will be facing off in Entebbe this weekend, as the league draws to a close. The Tigers have been the better of the two this season, having more wins than losses that settled them comfortably at second place.

After a low scoring thriller against the Challengers that saw them reap a mere 107 runs, they will need to revise their batting strategy that has had them struggle in their last two fixtures. However, many have been led to believe that the wicket at the Entebbe oval had a huge role to play in that. Question as to whether or not it does so this Sunday will be answered by the result.

The Tornado Bees who won their last fixture against Premier CC will likely keep the momentum even as they face a sterner test in the Kutchi Tigers this weekend. Currently at fifth place, a win in this match would see them leap frog to third place, displacing the Challengers CC should the Strikers concede a loss in their fixture against Aziz Damani.

The Bees would likely seek to take advantage of the Tigers struggling batting form to get an edge but will need all their batting arsenal to counter their bowlers who have given rival batsmen a difficult time on the crease. A win for them would be vital to help them finish near the top tier, but unlike their previous encounter that saw them edge a win easily, this will be a tough one.

The Kutchi Tigers are not about to relinquish another win after their marginal loss to league heads, Aziz Damani. With the league all but concluded and Aziz Damani clinching it, the Tigers will be playing to win and avoid a chasm of points between them and the champions elect. As things stand, there is a 17-point difference between first and second and a loss would see this increase to over 20 points.

Both the Bees and the Tigers will be playing for pride and bragging rights with the Bees needing the win more since it could see them better their stand on the log.