Sunday, 16th September 2018
Lugogo Oval - 10:30 am
Challengers CC Vs Strikers CC 

Two teams that sit comfortably above the drop zone with no flittering fears about their fate will face off in a battle for supremacy. Challengers who have not played in over two weeks welcome Strikers, who recently faced off against the Tigers and humbly lost in the encounter.

The Strikers will be without opening batsman Zephaniah Katungyi Arinaitwe, who is with the Cricket Cranes in South Africa for the Africa T20 tournament. Rogers Olipa, Frank Akankwasa, Perry Wazombe and the team will be expected to turn up the proverbial heat for the Strikers. against a tough line up of bowlers and batsmen in the Challengers that features Arthur Kyobe, David Wabwire as well as Mohammed Aneef, among others.

Like Zephaniah, Hamu Kayondo will be absent as well for the Challengers, leaving the mantle to Arthur Kyobe, David Wabwire, Mohammed Aneef and Steven Wabwose. With both teams having two matches left to end their season, they will be looking to gain all the points they can to finish off on high, especially being so closely placed.

The winner in this match will be much more assured of finishing in the top tier with one last game to seal the season. And with both staying nice and easy in Division one, it will be a battle of bragging rights with a result determining who gets the head start for the new season.


Sunday, 16th September 2018
Kyambogo Oval - 10:30 am
Tornado Bee CC Vs KICC 

K.I.C.C will be going into this match, reassured that their place in the Division One league is safe and sound. After a big win in their ‘do or die’ match against Premier CC, any pressure from then on has more subsided with their only possible goal being to finish the season in the best position they can.

In their last match, Ifran's contribution was a huge factor in ensuring their victory, however with the upcoming Africa T20 in South Africa, the team will miss his all round services as they face a resilient Tornado Bee. Currently in 5th place with a few more games than most to play. They have all the room they need to get the much needed points for a good finish, especially with an on form Strikers that's just above them.

Tornado Bee will be without Roger Mukasa and Deus Muhumuza while K.I.C.C will be without Irfan Afridi Muhammed and Frank Nsubuga. Whether this will greatly impact their steady progress so far remains to be seen, regardless, both sides will want to win if they intend to keep their places in the log.


Sunday, 16th September 2018
Entebbe Oval - 10:30 am
Premier CC Vs Ceylon Lions 

It will be a match of lasts for Premier CC and Ceylon Lions; the last match of the season and their last match in Division 1. The curtains fall on what could be termed as a poor season for the two teams, with their last matches sealing a spot in Division 2.

Premier has had two victories so far, with one stand out being their incredible 317 runs chase against the Strikers that saw them win with four wickets to spare! Unfortunately, this feat has not been replicated throughout leaving them in struggling form. Ceylon Lions fared better, with their stand out victory being their 7 wickets win against the Kutchi Tigers but having one more win than their counterparts.

With fate already sealed, it will be standard procedure for the two teams at the lakeside oval. One will leave with a temporary silver lining that comes after a win that's been long in coming while the other will have salt added to an already septic wound.