By Faith Munezero

K.I.C.C 318/8 in 50 overs (Suleman Sharif 79 off 69 balls, Junior Ruyange 71 off 54 balls, Frank Nsubuga 3/28 in 10 overs, Afridi Irfan 3/37 in 10 overs) beat Tornado Bee CC 211/9 in 50 overs (Akbar Baig 51 off 85 balls, Deus Muhumuza 32 off 50 balls and 2/41, Suleiman Mwebaze 3/54 in 9 overs) by 107 runs.

Player of the match: Suleman Sharif (K.I.C.C)

It was the end of an on and off season for K.I.C.C when the faced a similarly fated Tornado Bee at the Lugogo oval, whose dwindling form was further knocked after losing by 107 runs. The K.I.C.C won the toss and opted to bat, using all of 50 overs to put up a comfortable score of 318 runs.

There were vital contributions from Junior Ruyange (71 off 54 balls) and man of the match Suleman Sharif (79 off 69 balls), and together with the rest of the batsmen, tore through the Bees’ bowling line up despite Suleman Mwebaze’s and Deus Muhumuza’s  combined five wicket haul.

With the hefty target in sight, the Tornado Bees welcomed the challenge going on to put 211 runs before they used up all their allocated overs, with Frank Nsubuga (3/28) and Afridi Irfan (3/37) picking three wickets a piece while Akbar Baig (51 off 85 balls) was the only other player to go above the half ton mark. While the curtains draw on the KICC, Tornado Bee will have to face an unbeaten Aziz Damani for their final match of the league.