Sunday, 14th Oct, 2018

Kyambogo Oval

10:30 am

As the table currently stands, both Tornado and Patidar are in contention to be crowned division two champions and both teams play in fixtures that will test their resolve toward this goal.

Tornado play Africa in a local derby between two of the country’s oldest clubs. With the last encounter ending in a Tornado victory, Africa will be more than motivated to correct the wrongs from their first round fixture.

Tornado come into the fixture with the weight of last weekend’s defeat at the hands of SKLPS still fresh on their minds. A win in that fixture should have more than put the proverbial finger on the trophy but they went and squandered their chances. As such, Tornado will have to ensure they get a positive result from Africa.

Trevor Bukenya’s absence will once again be felt as he serves a two match ban for misconduct on the field. But in his absence, skipper Brian Adriko will have to rally the ever present Cosmas Kyewuta, John Gabula, and the rest of the troops to see off the threat of Africa.

Africa on the other hand will equally grace this fixture with their own agenda in mind – revenge. In their reverse fixture, Tornado took the day after claiming a six wicket victory over Africa who were uninspiring with the bat. It would be justified to think that Africa would be out to avenge this loss and end their season on a high note.

Africa can mount up a serious challenge should all their players be present on game day. Batsmen like Daniel Batuwa, John Illukor, Quraish Kasujj and Marvin Kitamirike can turn tables should they be on top of their game. The pace factor of Emmanuel Odeng, Timothy Erimuka and Collins Okwalinga can equally be a threat for Tornado. All this is dependent on the entire team being present and this could mount up to a serious game.

As one team battles for redemption, the other battles to ensure they win the title. It would be heart wrenching for Tornado to lead all season, only to be denied the chance at being crowned champions at the very end. It would be equated to a 400m runner leading the race only to trip on his laces with only 10 meters to the finish.