By Daniel Batuwa

Entebbe Oval (Div I)

Pioneer CC Vs Olila High CC

Results Summary

Olila High 126/5 in 28.1 overs (Esther Olila 29 off 27, Sarah Akiteng 23 off 48 & Joyce Mary Apio 5/23 in 6.4 Overs) beat Pioneer CC 125/10 in 41.4 overs (Abel Queentor 33* off 46, Barbara Mukankusi 26 off 78) by 5 Wickets

Player of Match: Joyce Mary Apio ( Olila CC )

The women’s league has had many league deciders with Pioneer, Olila High and Aziz Damani all in contention. This was one of them at time when loosing was not an option. Both teams came to the fixture knowing what was at stake. A win for Pioneer meant they would have mathematically clinched the title.

In that aspect, Olila CC won the toss and took the ball in the hope of pegging Pioneer down to a respectable score. Pioneer captain Barbara Mukankusi (28) with help from Abel Queentor (33*) did their best to keep the ship from sinking during the batting. Pioneer managed a modest 125 runs in 41.4 overs.

Joyce Mary Apio (5/23) however threw a spanner in the works to see that Pioneer did not get too comfortable. She ripped through their batting line with ease but had difficulty dealing with the experienced Barbara and Queentor.

Olila CC did chase the score with everyone contributing towards the batting. The more experienced trio of Rachael, Janet, and Damalie were not given chance to as they were quickly dismissed. Esther Olila (29) and Sarah Akiteng (23) stood their ground to help Olila secure victory in 28 overs.

Bowling efforts from Abel Queentor 2/30 in 5 Overs and Daisy Wairimu 1/26 in 10 Overs, were not enough to deny Olila CC victory.

Lugogo Oval (Div I)

JInja SS Vs Aziz Damani CC

Results Summary

Jinja SS 153/4 in 37 Overs (Claire Mushakamba 52* off 86, Rita Musamali 39 off 59, Stephanie Nampiina 36 off 42) lost to Aziz Damani CC 165/8 in 37.3 overs (Margaret Banja 52 off 71, Immaculate Nakisuyi 20 off 12) by 20 runs (D/L revised score of 173 in 37 overs).

Player of Match: Immaculate Nakisuyi, Aziz Damani

Aziz Damani did secure a win against Jinja SS in a pressure packed game to the very end. Jinja SS won the toss and decided to field.

Aziz Damani set 165/8 in 37.3 overs. They were however cut short due to a sudden weather change to cut short the playing time. The Duckworth and Lewis method was eventually implemented and Jinja SS was given a target score of 173 to chase in 37 overs.

For Aziz Damani to post that huge score, Margaret Banja (52) and Immaculate Nakisuyi (20) had to dig in deep and play their part. Patricia Ajalo (3/20 in 6 Overs) and leg spinner Stephanie Nampiina (2/17 in 8 Overs) did their best to stem the flow of runs.

170 runs in 37 overs was the target for Jinja SS and the task was to get that in 222 balls. One run per ball was enough to get them match points. Claire Mushakamba (52*), Rita Musamali (39) and Stephanie Nampiina (36) did their best to reach the target score but fell short. Immaculate Nakisuyi (3/15 in 8 Overs) who also walked away with player of match award, spun webs around the Jinja SS batters to see that Damani walked home with the points.

Jinja Oval (Div II)

JACC Vs Tornado CC 

Results Summary

JACC 67/5 in 21.1 overs (Zaina Nandudu 16 off 29, Zam Bakali 12 off 22) beat Tornado CC 65/10 in 12 overs (Alice Namuganga 9 off 26) by 5 Wickets.

Player of Match: Zam Bakali, JACC

The Tornado was not strong enough to blow away the Jinja side in a match that they should have easily won. JACC won the toss and chose to field. Wasn’t long until Zam Bakali (4/14 in 6 Overs) and Brenda Wangaya (2/10 in 3 Overs), started dismissing Tornado players one after the other. Alice Namuganga 9 off 26 balls of Tornado did take a while to be dismissed, her dismissal saw the side crumble at 65 all out in 12 overs.

The chase was a slow but sure one with Zaina Nandudu (16) and Zam Bakali (12*) taking off chunks of the score to see that the rest of the team found it easy to win the game. The innings lasted all of 21.1 overs and saw JACC steal the win from a hapless Tornado that did a little too late to salvage the game in their favor.

Tornado did put up some resistance through Alice Namuganga (2/28 in 6 Overs) and Asumpta Nalumansi (2/39 in 6 Overs). Despite their valiant efforts, JACC held on to ensure they were the last ones smiling after the game.

Zam Bakali probably played the innings of her life and showed total control of the match right off the start to earn her the player of the match award.

Gayaza Ground (Div II)

Premier Vs Gayaza High CC

Results Summary

Premier 33/4 in 10 overs (Mwesige Maria 8 off 18 & Sharon Nakidde 4/5 in 2 Overs) beat Gayaza High CC 32/10 in 14.1 overs (Joy Nakanjako 5 off 6) by 6 wickets.

Player of Match: Sharon Nakidde, Premier CC

Gayaza CC did little to starve off Premier when they met at the Gayaza Cricket Oval. Premier having won the toss, chose to field first and this decision paid off when Sharon Nakidde (4/5 in 2 Overs) and Audrey Namubiru (2/8 in 3 Overs) put the Gayaza batter to the sword and restricted them to 32 all out.

Joy Nakanjako (5) tried to put up some resistance but the side was too weak to sustain the fight.

Mwesige Maria (8) did post the score that sank Gayaza CC despite some resistance from Josephine Naluyinda (1/4 in 2 Overs).

They chased down the score in 10 overs. Sharon Nakide from premier was player of match.