Cricket season for the ladies is coming to a close on a high. Afri Power Engineering is here to sponsor an action packed 6s tournament. The one day tournament shall be played in Lugogo on Sat Dec 1st. 

What’s a 6s challenge?

The Laws of Cricket apply, except:

  • Games are played between two teams of six players, and each game consists of a maximum of five six-ball overs bowled by each side (eight-ball overs in the final match).
  • Each member of the fielding side bowls one over, with the exception of the wicket-keeper.
  • Wides and No-balls count as two runs.
  • If five wickets fall before 5 overs are completed, the last remaining batsman bats on with the fifth batsman acting as a runner. He always takes strike. The innings is complete when the sixth wicket falls.
  • Batsmen retire not out on reaching 31 runs. The idea being to reach 36 runs by hitting 6 sixes. A retired batsman can return to the crease after lower-order batsmen either retire or are out.
  • A tournament points system awards two points for each match won.

List of Participating teams and players to watch.


  1. Olila High CC(Racheal Ntono, Janet Mbabazi, Damalie Busingye, Esther Iloku)
  2. Aziz Damani CC(Getude Candiru, Immaculate Nakisuyi, Jennifer Nabwana)
  3. Tornado Bee CC(Jasmine Nabulya, Jovia Giramia, Sherrypal Kutaaka)
  4. Ceylon Lions ‘B’(Josephine Nampeera, Daphine Atwongeire, Brilliant Alochi)

Group ‘B’

  1. KICC (Franklin Najjumba, Patricia Malemeika, Mary Nanderenga)
  2. Aziz Damani ‘B’(Mary Kagoya Nyende, Julia Karunji, Teddy Oyella, Consy Aweko)
  3. Ceylon Lions CC(Eunice Kobusingye, Esther kayaga, Patricia Nandera)
  4. Premier CC(Charity Nyokaru, Maria Mwesige, Efrance Nantale)