By Faith Munezero

It was a dandy affair at Cricket Cranes farewell dinner, courtesy of Endiro Coffee the new sponsors of the team, this partnership will have the Endiro Coffee logo appearing on the sleeves of the cricket cranes jersey.

The Division 4 Champions were treated to a great meal and coffee to their heart’s content, before they set off for WCL Division 3 tournament in Oman tomorrow evening.  The evening was hosted by Endiro Coffee Director Roger Agamba who gave a brief history of the family owned business. 

He said "Endiro was started as a social enterprise and we pride ourselves in influencing the communities where we do business, started in 2011 we have grown into an international business with branches outside Uganda. We so proud to be associated with the cricket cranes and we hope that together we can change our communities"

The dinner also doubled as the launch for the Cricket Cranes newest sponsor, Endiro Coffee in a partnership that was received with much praise and acclaim from both parties. Endiro Coffee was founded in 2011, with the vision to end child vulnerability globally through coffee, and has supported a variety of compassion and transformation projects. In a bid to keep growing communities, they chose to support Ugandan cricket.

“I want you to be proud of being part of Endiro Coffee because you know you make us very proud, every time you where the cricket cranes shirt with our logo remember how much it means to to so many people” said Cody Lorance, Brand Manager Endiro Coffee.

Uganda Cricket Association Chairman Bashir Badu and CEO Martin Ondeko on behalf of the association thanked Endiro for choosing to grow with cricket and assured them that this relationship will only get better.

Cricket Cranes skipper, Roger Mukasa greatly welcomed the new alliance and assured their new sponsors that the same determination that got them to Division three, will get them qualified to Division two.

The Cricket Cranes handed over some items  to help the victims of the recent Bududa landslide that saw 40 people lose their lives, twelve of whom were farmers that worked with Endiro Coffee.

The team handed over the donations that they had received over the past weeks to the Endiro team, who will be handing them over to the Red Cross before they are taken to their final destination.