By Innocent Ndawula

After enduring a 13-hour journey from Kampala to Muscat, The Cricket Cranes set foot at their base for the next fortnight - City Seasons Hotel.

The ride and clearance from the airport was smooth and only a 30-minute exercise. The team then got a chance to shake off the little matter of jet-lag with a cardio session at the five-star hotel's gym and swimming pool.

Cricket Cranes relax in the pool at the City Seasons Hotel

Cricket Cranes Performance Coach Tim Kearsey, who joined the team from Dubai, steered over the session with Head Coach Steve Tikolo and his assistant Jackson Ogwang, for once, watched from the sides and only chipped once in a while as the Jersey-born coach nicknamed "Big Mandingo" acquainted himself with the boys.

The session at the rooftop pool, especially, was a joyous one as it was spiced up by rounds in the Jacuzzi to relax their muscles.

Players relax in The Jacuzzi after some gym work

Tomorrow the Cricket Cranes will have a feel of the turf with a practice session and later some video analysis and one-on-one sessions.